Value of the italian market

Italy is a key market to the paper and board industry. It is the 2nd largest manufacturer of Europe, it has the 3rd largest Population with the 6th World’s GNP.
Italy holds the 4th largest trade surplus of manufactured goods in the world. We are the seat of world leaders in Printing, Converting and Packaging machines and equipments. The Italian industry is known for excellence in several sectors such as Food, Hygiene, Textile and Clothing, Automotive, Automation, Precision Mechanics, Transport Means and Leather Processing. We are the main Cosmetic producer in Europe and the 2nd largest world exporter of pharmaceutical products.
At SAPII we are proud of this heritage and this strength. Italy is long (1200 km) and geographically complicated (peninsula with 2 mountain chains). The industrial activities are scattered on a large part of its territory and need a local presence and coverage. For these reasons it is important to rely on a partner like SAPII with sound competence and reputation earned in years of field activity and professional engagement. These values have allowed us to establish ourselves and grow in our 5 product groups.